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It’s not a requirements. If you aren’t fit, you will be eventually. Savate training is a great workout for muscle endurance, cardiovascular system improvement, motricity, coordination and balancing. In any case, prior starting, you should seek a medical advise first from your GP.

All levels are welcome! Beginners will be included in the classes as well as experienced members. So come with your knowledge of other martial arts or combat sports or as you are, if you have none, and train!

It’s as safe as any other sport training, but with a good warm-up and focus on good techniques, there is nothing to fear. Even the sparring we do are technical and light contact. Their purpose is to drill in techniques studied during the class. The intensity and pace is adapted to the two practitioners sparring together.

Classes are roughly devided into warm-up, technical drills and free sparring. Finally, we take some time for a cool-down. Sparring is only light contact, to work on the technique, especial those taught during the class. If you don’t feel comfortable to sparre, it’s ok. You can still watch to see how it looks like and learn from the other members.

Absolutely! Reach out to us to arrange your trial class.

We have people from all walk of life coming to train. We also have a lot of french members too. But don’t worry, we speak english with our funny accent.

Women are also welcome, of course. In France, about a third of Savate practitioners are women, and among them are world champions. The benefits of Savate is as good for women as they are for men.
So freight not, and come along!

You will need boxing gloves (and wraps or under gloves), shin guards, groin guard for men and a mouth piece. With that, you’ll be all set!

First of all, we are the only Savate club in Singapore and South-East Asia. We have regular contacts with other clubs in the rest of Asia, e.g. Japan and Sri Lanka, and we tried to attend events organized by them. Savate is a good technical school to learn hand and kick fighting. We are a small club but with big hearts and passionate about what we love.

Wait no more and go to the contact section to reach out to us! See you soon!

Savate, also known as boxe française, savate boxing, French boxing or French footfighting, is a French kickboxing combat sport that uses hands and feet as weapons combining elements of English boxing with graceful kicking techniques. Kicks are performed with shoes with hard sole on.
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